South Africa, so far away
and yet so close.

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Our story

A few years ago we went out on a search for a house in Cape Town. We've been looking around and we’ve found a beautifull house. As we’ve been looking around ourselves, we’ve experienced that is not very simple. 

That’s why we want to share our experience with others. The idea became reality and we surrounded us with local reliable people who will help you to find your dream. We stand for it and help you whereever you need.

Advice and guidance

We make arrangements with our Immo team and bring you together, arrange for a free tour to look for your home.

By personal experiences we‘ve found the way in the tangle of the local administrative mill and more importantly: the Do's and dont's in this fantastic country.

A personal conversation will help you to make the right decisions and finally to get you in touch with the right people.

After all, it does not stop, we‘ll be available throughout the process.

Our local estate professionals ensure you that all administration will be handled quickly and efficiently.

For sale in Cape Town
Examples of residential residences

We work together (we are assisted by) with a local recognized Immo office. The client is important! They do everything to bring your search to a happy ending. Look at some of the pearls you're waiting for in Cape Town and surroundings.

Clifton Kaapstad

Durbanville Kaapstad

Clifton Kaapstad

Kaapstad Kaapstad

Sea Point Kaapstad

Camps Bay Kaapstad

Why investing in South Africa?

Why investing in South Africa?: At this moment it is an ideal time to invest in a home in Cape Town. 

South Africa, so far away and yet so close, strange culture and yet familiar. It is a dream, living in a place with so much sun.  And when there is no sun the local mixture will colour your day.

What is stopping people from building a place for themselves here? Fear for the unknown? No problem we will help you. We are happy to answer your questions, please note.... questions are there to be answered.

Breathtaking South Africa

South Africa is a world - in - one country. A versatile country with beautiful landscapes, a variety of flora, many wildparks, an exceptional variation of population groups and cultures. A country to exposure and to discover.

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